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Well, in spite of everything shitty that has happened in the last month (lost Girlfriend and Job) I'm feeling good, I have wonderfully supportive friends, and I have Ideas and prospects for making money.

This last Saturday's furmeet was great, inspite of the fact that Labou closed as we got there we still managed to have a hell of alot of fun that night. Our 2 new members are awesome, Radjin is quite nice, and interesting to talk to, he told me he was feeling slightly out-of-place when we talked about video games, but otherwise likes the group and fits in well.

While I didn't really get to talk to emerald at the meet, she contacted me online and we've been talking a lot, she is very entertaining, and cuddle-ly (haven't gotten a chance to cuddle her tho :( ), we have had a hard time stopping talking, and I've been up on the phone till 2am, 2 nights in a row.

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