mallingong (mallingong) wrote,

shitty news

well, it looks like my family is losing its home, the cocksmoker that we have been renting from for 12 years has been bothering us about purchaseing it, so my parents scrambled to get a loan and everything was rocky but working out, then yesterday, when we where expecting an exterminator to show up and do an inspection, he did, but with him came the real estate agent and the "new buyers" who wan't to see the house. We had heard nothing about this, in the middle of negotation the bastard is trying to sell it out from underneath us.

Basicly at this point one of the only things we have going for us is that the house has some sort of infestation that will cost $20,000 to deal with, we have a slim hope that upon hearing this the "buyers" will reconsider.

The other hope is that this bastard has violated our contracts somewhere, I gonna be looking into it with help from Ben (I hope).
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