mallingong (mallingong) wrote,

theft, broken glass, and forced entry into my own room

Last night I went to the movies, last minute planning with a few friends. Upon leaving the theatre we discovered that my friends car has been broken into, at first we think its only vandalism because he is missing nothing, but the a litle later I realized that my backpack was in there... my backpack with $600 - $800 worth of DVDs (omg didn't realize they where that costly) and $200 worth of Magic the Gathering cards. Also my RPG binder with a hell of a lot of irreplaceable information (which, if it isn't recovered pretty much puts the nails into the coffin of my world tree game). There is other stuff as well but I can't even remember what. Then i get home and realize I have no keys (ooh, fuck me, one more goddamn thing) so I have to call inside at 2am and wake my Dad to let me in the door, but then I can't get into my room >.< so after sleeping on the couch and getting 5 hours of sleep I awake and try to think of way to get into my room. I finally figured one out and it worked (otherwise I wouldn't be typing this)

Well I made it in and now I won't even be late for work

Weird part is that, while I thought my keys where gone right along with the backpack, they where in truth locked inside of my room, which is quite strange, seeing as I havn't done that but 1-2 times in the entire 6 or more years I've had a lock on my door. But Im happy that that bastard din't get my house, bike, and rooms keys.
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